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I've played around with some shirt ideas and, as much as I love them, can't actually make the shirt without the art I need. These would most likely be entirely private (just for me and a few friends and the artist themselves if they wanted) unless the artist was comfortable with them being sold on a store like Redbubble or something like that. I'm not sure if there's a way to split payment between multiple people with Redbubble, truth be told, but I'm sure there's a way to do something along those lines. 

If anyone would be interested in illustrating some natural history themed artwork for these shirts please let me know. I'm more than willing to discuss pricing for the art if there's someone who does commissions and needs some work. Shoot me a PM and we can talk details!

Here's a few of the shirt ideas, for anyone interested. 

  • Progression of herbivorous tetrapod heads starting with Eocasea and ending with Bos and Edmontosaurus in simple lateral profile lineart with the title "MASTICATION: CHEW OR DIE TRYING" 
  • Skeletal Allosaurus fragilis is classic theropod death pose entirely in white to be printed on a black shirt.
  • Reveal shot of the original Jurassic Park (the lake scene) but with Brachiosaurus replaced by ostriches and Parasaurolophus replaced with helmeted guineafowl in simple style, likely with some snarky caption pertaining to the dinosaurian nature of birds.
  • Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus gorily ripping into a dead Dacentrurus armatus
  • Panoply of ornithopods, small species in front and largest species in the back, with the caption "ORITHODODA: MORE THAN JUST THEROPOD FOOD" or something along those lines. Would include Hypsilophodon foxii, Dryosaurus altus, Iguanodon bernissartensis, Ouranosaurus nigeriensis, Corythosaurus casuarias and a few more.
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I've been fooling around with Paint.Net, Paint XP, GIMP, and a few other art programs in an attempt to make a decent looking archipelago system for a project. Does anybody have any advice about this? I desperately need suggestions/help because I can't start this project without a map.
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Does anyone know someone I could request/commission skeletal reconstructions from? I need some to accompany a new project but can't think of where to get them. Anyone interested or know someone who would be? If so please send me a note ASAP!
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In addition to my future evolution project (and a handful of other spec-evo projects that are still too early into development to share) I've also decided to take on something somewhat cliche, a speculative Earth with no K/PG extinction. This has been done over and over and over but I feel very strongly that I can bring an original and plausible look at what an unending Mesozoic would look like. I'm currently fleshing out the world itself, and I have ideas that are as far reaching and complex as Specworld was during its peak. Would there be any interest in such a project, and as I always end up asking, is there anyone who would be willing to do a bit of concept art for me? I'd love to hear feedback and questions from anybody who has them!
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Who would be up for helping me design a few tattoos. I've never had a tattoo before but I'd like a few of various natural history related subjects. I'll list them below, let me know if anyone would be willing to give these a shot! If nobody responds for a month or so I'll look for an artist I could commission the ideas from. Any help is appreciated!

  • A complete Deinonychus skeleton in the classic theropod death pose (solid black, for my forearm.)
  • A rearing basal sauropodomorph (inspired by Plateosaurus, preferably with some sort of fuzzy integument) mirrored by a rauisuchid or ornithosuchid rearing with its jaws gaped. (can either be lineart, detailed sketch, coloured, doesn't matter to me. Eventually it will be a coloured piece but any of the three is appreciated as a visual starting point. This will be a fairly large back piece!)
  • A bearded dragon in a threat pose facing towards the viewer. (This will be on the upper portion of one of my breasts)
  • A drepanosaur (no specific species in mind) climbing upward with its tail curled around my arm. (This will be for my other forearm)
I have a few more in mind, but I'd like to get one of the simpler ones here first and see if tattoos are really something I'd like.
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The "Welcome to Jurassic Park" scence always makes me cry, now it'll tears of joy and tears of sadness at once.

In attempt to keep an upbeat tone, as he always seemed to have, let's celebrate his long life and incredible career instead of depressing ourselves that he is no longer with us. I hope I won't be the only one watching Jurassic Park tonight....
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I'm not giving away too many details yet, but I'm undertaking a huge project to recreate Skull Island relying only on actually evolutionary processes rather than monster-making which the King Kong films have used. I plan to create a website as a sort of Guide to Skull Island, similar to the 2005 World of Kong book. If I'm to create this site, however, I'll need some artists onboard. I've already enlisted the talents of :iconking-edmarka: and I'd really appreciate any other help I can get! Comment here if you're interested or have any suggestions. Send me a note if you have any questions. Once I get a small team and some art together I'll post some general information about the project and hopefully a really fantastic project will be born!
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I'm preparing to start my first large-scale modelling project! I'm going to be building a full scale Utahraptor head complete with feathers and taxidermy eyes for realism. I'm pretty sure I know how to go about making a "skeleton" (sculpting wire, possibly some wood if needed), modelling claw, numerous sculpting tools for detailing and whatnot, and a few paints. I'd really appreciate the help of anyone with any experience in taxidermy, animal sculpting and modelling, and really anything related that they can help me with this. If you're willing to provide any tips or help you can it'd be much appreciated. Anything from suppliers for taxidermy pieces, modelling tools, books, anything at all. I'll be posting progress as I make it! Thanks everyone!
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Everybody absolutely most donate every spare cent they have to this!

Spread the word!
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I currently have three projects that I have scans, stories, and information ready to be posted. Leave a comment for what you'd like to see!

Synapsizoic: Speculative Evolution project in which the Permian extinction only wipes out 10% of life. Goes from Triassic to 100 years from Modern Day. (Scans, Stories, and LOTS of Info ready)

Magaron: A Kaiju series drawing heavy influence from Godzilla, Gamera, and Ultraman that focuses primarily on a mutated dinosaur and its battles against numerous foes ranging from prehistoric monsters, mutants, aliens, and mecha (and a few other things). (No stories yet but lots of sketches and info.)

Mechaiju: An open world game project based around piloting Mechs and battling monsters. Similar in concept to Monster Hunter, but with Mechs. (Sketches and Info, stories coming soon!)
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Use this to create monsters, just roll a few d10's and d20's and you have a hideous monstrosity of your very own!

1. Human head
2. Far too tiny for the body.
3. Far too big for the body.
4. Enlongated snout that can curve or bend as you like.
5. Lumpy pear shape.
6. Enlongated or swollen cranium.
7. Sideways or upsidedown.
8. No head. (Facial features are optional.)
9-10. Any shape you want.

1. Human neck
2. Thick rolls of fat, very thin, or very thick and muscular.
2. Very long like a giraffe but can also be noodle-like.
3. Multiple veins or thick sinews joined at their base to the body and at their tips to the head.
4. Metallic supports such as cables, artificial vertebrae, etc.
5. No neck, just a head coming directly from the shoulders.
6. Has a dewlap or pouch like a pelican.
7. Vertabrae covered in rotting flesh and skin.
8. The head is held in the hair by magic/gravitational field/super mega cool science/etc.
9-10. Something I didn't list.

Body (any of these options can have a tail of any sort)
1. Human shaped.
2. Covered in chitin, osteoderms, armour of some sort.
3. Long and spindly like a ramen noodle.
4. Tiny malformed body, unable to properly support head.
5. Emanciated, extremely muscular, or incredibly obese.
6. The head is the body. (If you got an 8 for your head roll, reroll.)
7. Compact and crablike.
8. Any shaped body but made of metal or plastic. (If your creautre is a robot, make it's body fleshy.)
9. Boneless like a squid or octopus.
10. A melting puddle of flesh or a perfect cube. (You can ignore limbs if you want to with this option.)

1. Insectoid arms that can be covered in hairs or similar covering.
2. Raptorial limbs of any sort. (Mantis-like, or folded or Jurassic Park raptor arms.)
3. Human arms of any description.
4. Very short, practically no arm at all. Just a wrist and hand.
5. The opposite of 4, extremely long with as many or little joints as you please.
6. No arms.
7. Legs in place of arms. (Take this as you'd like, you can roll arms again and make a quadraped, or use your leg roll.)
8. Two pairs of arms, roll this two more times or use the same legs for both pairs, every time you roll 8 you get another pair.
9. Enormously muscular, emanciated, or fat. (If you're a robot, just choose whatever you'd like.)
10. Wings of any sort.

1. Insectoid legs that can be covered in hair/cilia/etc.
2. Dinosaur legs of any sort.
3. Crocodile legs or lizard legs of some sort.
4. No legs. (Can be replaces with a snail tail or something of that nature.)
5. Stubby dwarf legs.
6. Incredibly long with as many joints as you'd like.
7. Very muscular, fat, or skinny. (If you're a robot, just choose whatever you'd like.)
8. Arms in place of legs. (Same as 7 for arms, take it as you interpret it.)
9. Another pair of legs, roll twice or use the same roll once. If you roll 9 again you get another pair of legs.)
10. Anything I didn't mention.

Eyes. (Roll a 20)
1. Pupiless or entirely pupils of any shape or size.
2. Human eyes.
3. Bug eyes of any sort.
4. Slitted pupils like a cat.
5. Stalked eyes.
6. No eyes.
7. Ignore your head roll, replace it with a single enormous eye.
8. One single eye somewhere on the head.
9. Roll a 20 sided die, you have that many tiny beady eyes.
10. Fish eyes.
11. Multiple eyes stuffed into the same socket, or one eye divided into multiple sockets.
12. Empty sockets.
13. Amphibian eyes.
14. Holes filled with a cloud of colour.
15. Smoky glazed over eyes.
16. Glass. (If you roll this as a robot, roll again and use that to make a cyborg.)
17. Bleeding sacks of pus in place of eyes.
18. Parisitic eye worms with brilliant colours.
19. Eyeballs covered in skin.
20. Cover the entire creature in as many eyes as possible or something I didn't name.

1. Human lips.
2. No lips at all, with missing teeth or just exposed gums.
3. Jagged crocodile teeth or rows of shark teeth.
4. Lamprey sucker.
5. Insectoid mouth (Like a mantis or cricket.)
6. Huge fangs like a tarantula.
7. Proboscis of some sort. (Anteater, mosquito, etc.)
8. Covered by a mechanical apparatus or is a device itself.
9. Gas mask made of flesh with a flesh-pipe that leads somewhere.
10. No mouth or something I didn't say.

Extremities. (You can roll once for fingers and once for toes if you want. Roll a twenty.)
1. Tentacles.
2. Human fingers, toes, or both. (Both meaning whatever you'd take it as.)
3. Clawed lizard or dinosaur fingers.
4. Tiny lampreys.
5. Extremely long and bony.
6. Stubby and fat.
7. Broken in multiple places or malformed in some way.
8. A single hook or claw.
9. One arm is a huge crab claw like a fiddler crab. (You can roll again for the other or just make it a smaller crab claw.)
10. Mechanical clamps. (Reroll if you're a robot. or make flesh clamps, either one.)
12. Located somewhere aside from the limbs.
12. On the end of a scorpion tail or some sort of tentacle.
13. Webbed like a frog.
14. Enormous claws like a Therizinosaurus.
15. T.rex like short fingers.
16. Two arms fused together with the hands either seperate or fused into lobster claw things.
17. Mole like claws or mantis shrimp clubs.
18. No fingers, just fleshy lumps.
19. Rootlike tendrils that are covered in hair.
20. Amputated stumps with tiny regrowing hands of any kind in the center.

Skin coat.
1. Covered in course hair or feathers.
2. Enormous visible veins.
3. Skeleton is pressed up against the skin so that the outline of the bones can be seen.
4. Enormous pours clogged with pus or some sort of slime that drips out onto the body.
5. Transluscent tumours/warts with complex root systems.
6. Long strands of worm-like skin or flesh.
7. Long porcupine quills that twitch constantly.
8. Pangolin scales.
9. A secondary skeleton is attached to the surface of the skin.
10. Metal plates are burnt into the skin.

Skin texture
1. Covered in fine hairs and wrinkled like a mole rat underneath.
2. Completely hairless.
3. Spotty patches of fur or feathers, with the bare bits having saggy skin, welts, or scabs.
4. Covered in warts, pimples, and infected hairs.
5. Shiny and reflective material like chitin.
6. Slimy like a frog with clumps of built up fluid.
7. Constantly peeling like a shedding snake or covered in tattoos or brands.
8. Burnt and scab covered.
9. Completely translucent skin that allows full view of internal structure.
10. Reptilian scales.

Mutations, oddities, etc. (Roll a 20 sided die. Optional.)
1. A malformed parasitic twin growing somewhere on the body.
2. The body and limbs are concealed in a fleshy cocoon.
3. One side of the body is emanciated, leading to a very lopsided appearance.
4. The creature cannot move of it's own power eld by some sort of mechanical walker, sits on a wheeled or floating throne, is carried by servants, held aloft by psychic abilities, etc.
5. The creature is covered in thick patches of pus covered skin. Similar to Harlequin Icthyosis.
6. The entire body is covered in short cilia or fleshy ribbons.
7. Melting skin with open wounds or exposed skeleton/viscera/etc.
8. A single eye or tongue that dangles outside of it's normal place, never sitting where it belongs.
9. The entire monster is stitched together from the pieces of different creatures. (Bolted or welded in the case of robots.)
10. Visible spine that stretches down the back and can extend into a tail.
11. Entire creature is wrapped in mummy wrappings.
12. The limbs and facial features are suspended in the air with a seemingly nonexistent body.
13. If you made a biological creature, now it's a robot. If it was a robot now it's biological.
14. All features are compacted into a giant walking lump of flesh or some sort of mass.
15. The monster must always be attached to some sort of life support device and its covered in wires, tubes, and medical implants or a tiny simplified version of the creature is visible inside the chest through a submarine porthole, it controls the monster in some way. (Control panel, puppeteer strings, etc.)
16. Mummify your monster! (Not wrapped up, but dried out and dead.)
17. You can have another pair of limbs, a second head, etc. Your pick!
18. A giant pair of membranous wings sprouts from the shoulders of your beast.
19. The monster constantly excretes sticky mucous.
20. Cover it in parisitic organisms of any type you see fit.