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Those tagging games that get passed around every once in a while never seem compelling enough for me to participate in since they tend to be general questions about anything and everything. How about we spice things up a bit? The game is fairly simple. I'll post a brief speculative evolution scenario below and tag a handful of people. Their job is to, also briefly, describe their view of what a world derived from that premise would be like. For example, if I was to propose a world where squamates were the dominant land vertebrates and DeinonychusEmpire, KingEdmarka, Traheripteryx  Midiaou, and Dragonthunders were tagged, they would each post a journal with an overview of their ideas for a Squamate World. That part can be as in depth as they choose; it can feature brief notes, in depth discussions, artwork, anything at all so long as you cover the basics of that world. Once you've covered the topic you were tagged with it's up to you to make your own scenario. Keep it relatively simple (no more than a few sentences or a paragraph at the most) and tag as many people as you like. I think this could be an excellent window into everyone in the speculative evolution and paleontology communities' personal opinions regarding natural history concepts all across the field. Hopefully you'll all find this as exciting and fun in practice as I do in theory. 

The very first scenario is quite simple...

The Urban Jungle
Fast forward 5,000 years. Humanity has gone extinct long ago due to a combination of climate change and lack of resources. Crumbling remnants of enormous cities the size of New York City number in the thousands. These once bustling cultural and social centers now host a massive variety of plants and animals; all opportunists encroaching and now enveloping the forest in their grasp. Such environments of concrete and steel overgrown with thousands of tons of fungi and flora are so common that they can be considered a significant biome. What sort of organisms are developing in this world? Is it wildlife or feral descendants of domesticated species which rule the ruins? What sort of plants thrive in an environment where trees cannot take root? 

Everybody mentioned above can give it a go if they'd like. Here's a few more people for the first official tagged deviants.

I can't wait to see what everyone come's up and if anyone is even interested in participating in something like this.
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