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All Todays #2: Hamster by QueenSerenity2012
All Todays #2: Hamster
The hamster, a member of the cosmopolitan rodent family, was extremely successful and widespread. The compact built of this species suggests that it may have been a burrower, although some have also suggested an aquatic lifestyle. Numerous species of hamster are known and it is likely that there are many more yet to be discovered. It has been suggested that the word hamster may actually refer to a paraphyletic grouping of rodents, as the fossil record indicates that hamsters were found only in Western Asia for much of their history. It is quickly becoming accepted that hamsters, rather than undergoing a massive dispersal across the word, may actually be as many as twenty convergent rodents which all evolved from a mouse-like ancestor sometime during the late Holocene. The various hamster species all seem to have been generalists, eating anything they could find. There are even fossils of hamsters with what appear to be baby hamsters within their stomachs indicating that the hamster was a cannibal. This contrasts with previous ideas that rodents were social animals. Hamsters, like their rat relatives, appear to have been crepuscular or nocturnal and likely possessed excellent low light vision. They would wait in their subterranean burrows, sleeping during the day and using trapped heat to warm themselves out of their torpor at night. This is generally thought to be an adaptation to avoid cold blooded predators such as the jackal and lynx; which would become sluggish just as the hamster became active.

Mammals, traditionally, are thought to have been ectotherms. Some researchers propose that at least small mammals were endothermic and sported some sort of filamentous integument. It is also suggested that mammals may have had thicker deposits of fat than normally depicted to help insulate them in cold climates. Mainstream scientists consider this absurd as we all know the Cenozoic was an age of tropical swamps, rainforests, and hot deserts.  The restoration on the right represents these new ideas; however unlikely they may be.
Who would be up for helping me design a few tattoos. I've never had a tattoo before but I'd like a few of various natural history related subjects. I'll list them below, let me know if anyone would be willing to give these a shot! If nobody responds for a month or so I'll look for an artist I could commission the ideas from. Any help is appreciated!

  • A complete Deinonychus skeleton in the classic theropod death pose (solid black, for my forearm.)
  • A rearing basal sauropodomorph (inspired by Plateosaurus, preferably with some sort of fuzzy integument) mirrored by a rauisuchid or ornithosuchid rearing with its jaws gaped. (can either be lineart, detailed sketch, coloured, doesn't matter to me. Eventually it will be a coloured piece but any of the three is appreciated as a visual starting point. This will be a fairly large back piece!)
  • A bearded dragon in a threat pose facing towards the viewer. (This will be on the upper portion of one of my breasts)
  • A drepanosaur (no specific species in mind) climbing upward with its tail curled around my arm. (This will be for my other forearm)
I have a few more in mind, but I'd like to get one of the simpler ones here first and see if tattoos are really something I'd like.
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